segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

Exercício sobre Falsos Cognatos

Exercite no texto abaixo alguns falsos cognatos:


In the morning I attended a meeting between management and union representatives. The discussion was very comprehensive, covering topics like working hours, days off, retirement age, etc. Both sides were interested in an agreement and ready to compromise. The secretary recorded everything in the notes. Eventually, they decided to set a new meeting to sign the final draft of the agreement.

Back at the office, a colleague of mine asked me if I had realized that the proposed agreement would be partially against the company policy not to accept workers that have already retired. I pretended to be really busy and late for an appointment, and left for the cafeteria. Actually, I didn't want to discuss the matter at that particular moment because there were some strangers in the office.

After lunch I attended a lecture given by the mayor, who is an expert in tax legislation and has a graduate degree in political science. He said his government intends to assist welfare programs and senior citizens, raise funds to improve college education and build a public library, and establish tougher limits on vehicle emissions because he assumes this is what the people expect from the government.

Respostas: Comparecer; Aliado; Compreensivo; Compromisso; Registrado; Eventualmente; Escritório; Realizado; Política; Aposentado; Fingido; Encontro marcado; Cafeteria; Na verdade; Específico; Desconhecido; Escritório; Almoço; Comparecer; Palestra; Prefeito; Perito; Taxa; Pós-graduação; Ajudar; Mais velho; Universidade; Biblioteca; Emissão; Aceitar.

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